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2- 8 oz Senior Sage - SALE Bundle


Product Description

Sharpen Mind and Energize Body
Senior Sage is a unique blend of super foods designed to protect the body from many of the common ailments that develop as we age. The intention of this super blend is to boost the memory, reduce inflammation and increase cellular health and energy. A tasty way to introduce Senior Sage into your regular routine is in a delicious smoothie.

Senior Sage – Healthy Mind & Body Support

Inflammation (Protection from Disease)

Inflammation in the body results in disease, so we need to be proactive. Senior Sage is a great way to reduce or eliminate inflammation.Tumeric and Jiaogulan (Gynostemma) are amazing super foods that reduce inflammation in the body.

Memory (Brain Booster)

A sharp memory is important at all ages. One of the issues that may arise as we age is a weakening of the brain's functions. Schisandra, Gingko Biloba and Lions Mane are amazing plant foods that support the brain.

Cellular Health (Jing Tonic)

Normal day to day living destroys our cells, but they're constantly being replaced. We want to ensure that high  nutrient super foods are available to our bodies so that healthy cells are created. Baobab (Tree of Life), Nettles, Moringa, Cacao Paste & Ginseng Root will help to protect and rebuild your body.

Zero Sugar * Dairy-Free * Soy-Free * Gluten-Free * Corn-Free

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