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  • Kool Kids 16 oz

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Kool Kids 16 oz


Product Description

Kool Kids is a tastey way to nourish your children.

We live in a toxic world.  Chemicals are 10 times more toxic to children due to lower body weight and less ability to detoxify from chemicals.  How do we adapt?  Kool Kids can help to build your children's immune system and detoxify from everyday pollutants.  When the body is nourished, brilliant minds can function at capacity.  Kool Kids will nourish young bodies and also enhance brain function and memory to enable your children to achieve educational goals and compete in our high paced challenging world.

We recommend making a smoothie with Kool Kids using blueberries (the brain berry) as the fruit).  Here's our recipe.

1 T Kool Kids
8 oz Coconut Milk
Fruit of Choice (1/2 Cup)
Coconut Nectar (to sweeten if desired)
Mix in blender & serve



Organic Moringa Leaf:

Organic Schisandara Berry:

Wildcrafted Maya Nut:  Maya Nut is the seed of a tropical rainforest tree. Rural and indigenous women harvest it from natural forests and sun-dry it for food and income.

Maya Nut is high in Fiber (prebiotic), Calcium, Potassium, Folate, Iron, Zinc, Protein and Antioxidants.  It is gluten free and non-allergenic.  It is not a true nut.  Good for building healthy gut bacteria and resistance to colds and flu.

Organic Cacao Bean:

Organic Nettle Leaf:

Organic Gingko Biloba Leaf:

Organic Kelp:


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